Call us on: 0845 450 3956
Call us on: 0845 450 3956

Feedback and complaints procedure


We are committed to providing a high quality service and welcome feedback about the operation of both the IRM office and review panels.  

On the day of your IRM panel you are provided with a questionnaire to complete. This can be done on the day, after your panel or taken away and posted to us. This questionnaire allows us to gain feedback from both the applicant’s perspective and the agency perspective and helps the IRM evaluate the service offered and alter it if required. 

The information within the questionnaires is also analysed and used to inform the IRM’s annual report.


Complaints Process

The IRM also has a clear complaints procedure which can be used by the applicants and the agencies if you are unhappy with the service you have been offered. However the complaints procedure cannot be used if the applicant or agency disagree with the IRM recommendation. In this situation you are advised to seek legal advice. 

If you do wish to make a formal complaint about the IRM’s service then please follow the information within the attached leaflets.